Hidden treasures

OK, the following software recommendations are not really “hidden”, but I’m taking the opportunity to point out some excellent free or affordable software gems that should be a part of your everyday digital arsenal for an elevated OS X experience.

First out is TextWrangler. Bare Bones Software, the makers of legendary text editor BBEdit, offer a slimmed down, lightweight sibling of its flagship application for free, namely TextWrangler. That’s right, for free. This app is a wonderful tool for all your text-based note/snippet/jotting tasks, and it harbors a lot of editing power under the hood. One of my absolute favorite features is its left sidebar where you optionally can store a list of your opened files for quick access.

There are numerous tweaks that you can apply to the user interface and it supports a lot of different color coded syntax markings if you dabble in coding. If you like to work with plain text files, TextWrangler is a no-brainer, and the only real drawback is that it has no iOS sibling to sync with. You can make syncing work by utilizing a custom Dropbox folder and use another Dropbox enabled iOS text editor, but it takes some setup on your part.

You can get TextWrangler for free both from Bare Bones Software and in the Mac App Store.

The second app I will point out is Caffeine. It’s a neat little app that does one thing and one thing only; it prevents your Mac from going to sleep. Your typical setup is to have it launch with the system and leave its nifty little icon in the menu bar. Click to fill the coffee cup and your Mac stays awake. Click to empty it, and your Mac will go to sleep as normal. That’s really all there is to it. Caffeine is free, both from Lighthead (developer) and in the Mac App Store.

Dropbox has become more or less of a standard cloud solution due to its easy setup and near flawless integration. Even though there are several competitors that offer more free space and similar features, Dropbox has managed to be the preferred service to a vast number of users. You get 2 GB free space on signup, and you can get more free space by connecting apps, completing certain tasks and getting friends to sign up by your referral. The maximum free space you can get by inviting friends is 16 GB, which is quite a lot if you use the storage wisely and employ a minimal level of maintenance.

Get your Dropbox account here (see what I did there? 😉

Coming up: Wunderlist, Evernote, Simplenote, OneNote, Cyberduck, OnyX, NeoOffice and more!


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MarsEdit 20% off until Tuesday June 9th 2015

MarsEdit, the wildly popular Mac blog editing tool from Red Sweather, is on a time limited discount courtesy of Smile Software’s Smileworthy program (they make some pretty sweet software as well). Ending June 9th, you can grab MarsEdit for 20% off using the coupon code smileworthy on checkout.

This blog post was written in MarsEdit, which supports a wide variety of blog systems including WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr, TypePad, Movable Type and more.

Oh, and did I mention that it supports John Gruber’s Markdown language? And that’s just one of its many sweet spots.

Go grab it now!


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New post category promoting special offers

I have realized that throughout the years, I have aquired a tremendous knowledge of different types of software on the Mac/OS X (and iOS) platforms, covering all kinds of different areas. Naturally, graphic design software is a particular strength of mine, but as I use my Mac for a vast variety of (other) stuff as well, I know and use a bucketload of different apps for different tasks and uses.

As a result of my curiosity for new software, I get a lot of promotional e-mail through newsletters and general promotions. Therefore, I am starting this new category of posts where you can find coupons, codes and notifications on great discounts that I endorse. Nothing gets on here if I don’t know the software and can personally recommend it.

So, enjoy these promotions, get to know some great apps and live h-Apple-y ever after!


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