Outline – Mac App Tip #2

OneNote editor for OS X Outline is now offering creation and editing of Microsoft OneNote notes. Yes, you heard me; CREATION and EDITING. That is good news for everyone that have been waiting for Redmond to get off their butts and make an OS X version of their otherwise excellent note-taking app included in the Windows version of Office. What’s more, it is slightly more elegant both in design and functionality (subjective, I know) and is far easier to connect to Microsoft’s own SkyDrive than OneNote is (on Windows). I had to fiddle quite a lot around before I got OneNote to function properly in regards to syncing. Not so with Outline. It’s a matter of connecting (in seconds) and then forgetting about it.

Before Outline, I had resorted to using Curio which has similar functionality but a hefty price tag to boot – a fine piece of software, but sadly no easy way to set up syncing and, sadly, no iOS companion app either.

Outline works flawlessly (apart from the odd crashing bug when deleting old sample notes) and is $45 on the MAS.


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