Delineato Pro – Mac App Tip #1

There’s currently a brand new diagramming and mindmapping app in the MAS (Mac App Store) called Delineato Pro, developed by small software outfits named Fapptory Lda. and Wow!Systems LLC, that’s incredibly promising. Having used MindNode Pro for several years now, I must admit that, given the numbers of competitors on this market that don’t cut the mustard, I really didn’t expect to find a true rival to MindNode Pro any time soon.

Delineato Pro sports a deliciously simple and uncluttered interface, resembling the stripped down, bare bones approach taken by word processors like Byword, iA Writer, WriteRoom, OmmWriter and many more. To add a new item, just double click anywhere on the infinite canvas and choose your item type. If you already have existing items on your canvas, you can easily drag out clones from those items. Lines/arrows are automatically added, and you can change line type, color, thickness, arrow head style and so forth by double clicking the lines/arrows.

Delineato (Italian for outline) Pro supports Apple’s iCloud storage service. You can check out their teaser video here.

Delineato Pro’s feature list, as posted on the app website, is as follows:

  • Infinite canvas size
  • Fullscreen mode and Retina-display
  • Drop any image from the Desktop or other app
  • Edit directly, drag-and-drop shapes and connectors from a palette
  • Dark mysterious mood or Light grey stylish mood
  • Grid, smart alignment guides, smart resizing guides
  • Share to Facebook, Twitter, E-mail, iMessage, Airdrop, Flickr
  • Export transparent or opaque diagrams as PDF, PNG, EPS, JPG, TIFF, BMP, GIF

The app has been getting a lot of positive press lately, and seems definitely destined for greater things (and further development), like an iOS companion app (with iCloud sync) etc.

Delineato Pro is by no means an OmniGraffle-killer, nor does it claim (or aim) to be, as the latter is a considerably more robust, feature-rich, sophisticated, expensive and somewhat clunky beast to wrestle. They are simply put not aimed at the same market.

Delineato Pro is currently in version 1.0.2 and carries a modest price tag of $6.99 in the MAS. A free, cut down version (less features) is said to currently be undergoing the MAS approval process, and thus supposedly will be available some time in our near future.


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